The Definite Guide To The Game Bean Boozled

Doesn’t really matter if you have or haven’t (chances are that you have since you’re reading this guide, right?). In either case it’s time for me to give you the skinny on what Bean Boozled is and how you play it, with a definite guide, detailing all the juicy details.

bean boozled


Sound good?


Great, and before we begin let me just remark upon that these beans will in fact remind you of certain movie, or movie franchise rather, but let’s not spoil anything at the moment as we’ll get to that later.


I’ll just leave you hanging and guessing until then!


In any case, here’s the definite guide to the game Bean Boozled, a game for the whole family!


What Is Bean Boozled?


Basically, Bean Boozled is a game featuring some very special jelly beans. Well, they are essentially jelly beans with special flavors that can be turned into a game.


And when I mean special, I mean that you’re in for a nasty surprise when you take a bite out these beans.


So essentially, what you get when you pay for these beans is a box containing 10 different colored beans, which consist of 20 different flavors. The surprise in all of this isn’t the fact that some of the beans might taste like popcorn, plum juice or strawberry, it’s that many of them taste like vomit, sweat and other nasty tastes and smells.


Sounds like you could have a good time with this box of jelly beans. So what movie franchise those this remind you of then?


None other than Harry Potter of course! Remember those nasty little beans they eat on the Hogwarts train? Yep, these are those kind of beans, nasty little things that van bring so much joy, tears and laughter.


How Do You Play Bean Boozled?


You can play it any way you want to really. This game has all the tools for any kind of variation of the game itself. But…


There’s an established way of playing Bean Boozled that I felt like sharing with you right now, if you don’t mind?


Most people like tot play this game like an edible Russian Roulette if you will since you have 10 different colors of beans and of the 20 flavors there are also the nasty ones. So if you get a nasty flavor like skunk or vomit, consider yourself shot in the head if the game was a real Russian Roulette round.


So you can basically make up any kind of point system with this kind of game. Let’s say that for each good flavor you eat you get 1 point and for every bad flavor you get you have to retract a point from your standings.


You can do it in any way you want to, this is just a simple concept of the game.


You can also sit down with a group of friends and family and everyone gets to choose 2 beans each and the rules are that you have to eat both of them. If you get 2 good flavors then good for you, but if you get 2 bad flavors then I feel sorry for you.


Playing this kind of game is nice change of pace and a great social activity when it comes to getting a group started at a party or so. In any case, Bean Boozled can be a fun activity, a great ice-breaker and also a fun trial of interesting and horrid flavors.


But in the end the real game is the wheel that comes with the box of candies. It’s a very simple design as one person spins the wheel and whichever color the cursor lands on is the color that this person needs to pick and eat.


Just choose carefully when it’s your turn!


Anyway, you decide on who starts to spin the wheel by perhaps throwing a dice and seeing who gets the lowest number. Since you actually don’t want to start in this game, the person with the lowest number will start.


Who/What Is Jelly Belly?


The company that creates and distributes the so-called Bean Boozled boxes is called Jelly Belly, a well-known candy distributor all around the world and the founder of the interesting flavors in Harry Potter as well.


In any case, they are a candy company that was actually founded in 1869 by Gustav Goelitz in Illinois, USA. Since then they’ve kept on growing and expanding to the company they are today.


And since the beginning they’ve kept on producing some very special kind of candy with some unique flavors like their trademark popcorn flavored jelly beans and the year 2000 the famous Betie Botts candy from the Harry Potter series are brought to life which is…


…Basically the Bean Boozled beans!


In any case, Jelly Belly has always been on the verge new and innovative candy design which has also been one of their trademarks, to product unique candy and with the latest edition of Bean Boozled they’ve definitely succeeded.


The Flavors Of The Jelly Beans


Now we get to the fun part of this guide, the flavors of the beans!


Like I’ve mentioned before, there are 20 flavors to these beans and each color has 2 flavors attached to it. In any case, here’s the list of flavors for you!


Black: Liquorice and Skunk spray


Yellow with brown spots: Banana and Pencil Shavings


White with yellow spots: Buttered Popcorn and Rotten Eggs


Blue: Blueberry and Toothpaste


White/Beige: Cafe Latte and Ear Wax


Orange with red spots: Peach or Vomit


Green: Pear of Boogers


Light yellow: Caramel Corn and Moldy Cheese


White: Coconut and Baby Wipes


Blue with white spots: Plum or Black Pepper


Now this list of flavor features both some tasty ones and some dreadful flavors of horrible taste. But that’s fun of it all, you never you what you’re going to get, just like Forrest Gump once said, a wise man indeed.


Anyway, here’s a top 3 list of my personal favorites in the tasty flavor department and my top 3 most dreadful tastes on this list. You ready?




The Top 3 Tasty Bean Boozled Flavors:


    1. Buttered Popcorn.


    1. Caramel Corn.


    1. Blueberry


These three flavors were actually delightful and this was very noticeable with the others who tasted these flavors. Consider yourself lucky if you get one of these flavors!


The Top 3 Horribly Disgusting Bean Boozled Flavors:


    1. Vomit.


    1. Rotten Eggs.


    1. Skunk Spray


Now when you get the vomit it actually feels like you’re going to vomit for real. The same goes with all of the flavors on this top 3 list, they were simply horrifying to chew and swallow. But it’s very fun to see others east these flavors, I can assure you of that!


Why Did It Become So Popular?


That’s a relatively simple question if you ask me. I mean first you have the immensely popular fantasy series of Harry Potter that introduces the world to this kind of candy in fiction and then Jelly Belly comes along and creates them for real.


You can understand the hype surrounding this little treat, can you not?


And then you need to recognize the social value and fun this game brings to the players all around the world. It’s a very adaptable game that can played by kids and adults alike, which there are few games that pull that kind of concept off.


Jelly Belly has shown us that you don’t need a complicated game like Monopoly to sell or become popular. You just need a simple concept like Bean Boozled and you have an instant hit in my eyes.


That’s why they’ve grown to become so popular, Jelly Belly that is, because of their unique approach to candy and sweets in general.


The same rule applies for Bean Boozled as well, it’s unique, it’s fun and reaches out to a bigger audience then most other board or physical games.


Where Can You Buy It?


Well since Bean Boozled is such a well-known game and brand for that matter, they can be purchased anywhere really.


It all depends on where you live though. For instance, in Sweden there’s an electronic and goods store called Teknikmagasinet that sells the beans. In the US there’s stores like Best Buy and Walmart that sell these kinds of beans and games.


But for the more convenient way of purchasing Bean Boozled there’s a retailer that sells these beans all over the world and you can order them anywhere in the world.


I’m talking about Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site that sells anything you can think of. Literally.


But I don’t need to tell you what Amazon is or how well-known they are, you already knew that, right?


Instead let me just share with you a few links on Amazon from where you can purchase this game, for lower prices than any kind of local retail store. Just watch out for those extra shipping costs!


In any case, here are some good places to start your search for the beans of brutality (well, not brutal, but surprising indeed):


Here’s an offer of $7,99 for a box of beans


Spinner and Refill Boxes, 10 Ounce for only $13,89


And the  Spinner Jelly Bean Game Gift Box for only $24,85






Conclusion: Should You Try It Out?


My first line of though ton whether you should try this game and these beans out is, why not?


This is a fun game and activity for the whole family and will definitely make you laugh when someone in the group gets one of the nastier flavors and you see their face turn into a sour lemon.


It’s also a great ice-breaker at a party or get-together with different people as it will definitely get you laughing before you know it.


In any case, this might not be the most necessary product or game to ever hit the shelves but it’s definitely a fun one.


I mean, just imagine the facial expressions of the contestants when they either get the disgusting flavor such as rotten eggs or the rather tasty ones such as the caramel corn flavor.


That facial expression will go from delight when they have a good flavor going to on to disgusted when they have vomit taste in their mouth.


It’s a fun game to play, an even funnier to watch how people react.


But here’s a quick recap if how you play the wheel version, just for the sake of being practical:


    1. You sit down with a few other contestants, at a table preferably.


    1. You agree on who starts (probably by throwing a dice and whoever gets the lowest starts, because in this game you don’t want to start!).


    1. The person who has the turn spins the wheel and picks up 2 beans for whichever color the cursor stops on.


    1. The person eats the bean, and I mean literally eats it.


    1. This person then enjoys the tastefulness of the good and swears at the taste of the horrible.


It’s as simple as that and I truly employ you to try it out with a few of your friends and family, I promise you, you’ll all have a blast!

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